Demolition does not happen on its own, it takes planning and organization.

We have the experience and a well-established track record for completing projects efficiently and most importantly safely. Whether it is the demolition of a house, cottage, barn, commercial or industrial building we have done it all. You can rely on our experience to help guide you through the process..

Step One…
Demolition Planning 

Planning ahead and being prepared is key to making sure a demolition happens smoothly and without surprises. Careful planning up front to determine exactly how the building or structure will come down, be processed and recycled is key.

Little things like making certain the power has been disconnected, locating all public and private utilities to ensure they have been identified are critical to avoiding dangerous situations.

Experience Counts
Ready to get to Work

Hiring an experienced demolition contractor is a key first step. Clear communication between the contractor and client is critical to understanding exactly what is required and how the job will be completed.

When your ready to get your demolition underway give us a call and put our experience to work for you. We can help get you started and go through the steps required to get things done. It will not be long and that old building will be gone and the rebuilding can begin! 


At RD Contracting, we know that every dollar you spend on your home or business is an investment, and when you don’t get a return on that investment, it’s money down the drain. To ensure that we’re the right business with you before you spend a single dollar, and to make working with us as easy as possible, we offer free quotes for your project.

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